Things we are into at Immunis Control lately include the film: ‘They Live’ by John Carpenter it is a fantastic “Conspiracy-Zombie-Alien-Illuminate-Everything Piece” plus it must have been part of the inspiration for Family Guy’s fight scenes Peter has with the Big Chicken! Why? Watch the movie and you see one of the most extended fight scenes in history!! It is amazingly indulgent almost to the point where you question what was happening during the editing process!! Some big references to Romero near the end some great social commentary make it a great movie and relevent esspecially now in this era of globalisation! Worth a note: David Icke loves it!

We discovered this beauty again sadly due to the passing of a legend of 80′s/90′s pop culture Rowdy Roddy Piper or ‘Hot Rod’ he was an amazing character in the wrestling ring during those decades and an underrated action film star. Watch the movie we emplore you… Infact you must: Obey ….Conform… Watch… Entertained…!

Also we love this go check it out and back it:

Peace and apocalypse bitches.