Immunis is a zombie apocalypse story set in the UK city of Peterborough. It is entirely written and created by Sean and Anthony, both locals of the city. You can often find them in Cathedral Square, sitting outside a coffee shop or wandering around the museum.

The story of Immunis is the result of a coffee and biscuit-fuelled conversation about what would happen in the immediate aftermath of a sudden zombie apocalypse. The town centre provided an inspirational backdrop as the story began to take shape. It was imagined (and drawn) with real people, real places, (with a little added artistic licence…) and in an a dark and apocalyptic state. As Peterborough Cathedral loomed over these twisted conversations, Immunis was born. Well, almost…

To bring Immunis to life as it sits here on this website, Sean and Anthony turned to and were overwhelmed with the response they got from people local to Peterborough as well as pledges from around the world. Every single one of those people are listed below.